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Two beautiful Capes parrots Available and ready to join any lovely and caring family ( all are hand tamed and weaned) There’s so much to love about these intelligent birds- they are cuddly, playful and all-around gentle giants. These birds have all the desirable pet bird traits. Whether they wish to cuddle, play on their own, talk or goof around, they will do it all in relative silence and with a calm behavior. Pair this with their good talking ability and big intelligence, and you got a wonderful pet and a friend.
They feed on a variety of fruits, nuts, and utilizing their disproportionately thei large beaks to crack open all exotic foods. They need a balanced diet which is best compared to that of the African Grey. Specialized seed mixes, fresh fruits, and veggies, as well as cooked rice and chicken, should be the staple of the diet. A cuttlebone is a good choice for birds with large and powerful beaks. It is a natural way to blunt the ends, and certainly a better pet
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